Ebro Delta Birding. Bird watching holidays Spain

A vibrant abundance of birdlife awaits! This section outlines some of our favourite birding experiences on the Delta and also you will find a comprehensive guide to the bird varieties that it's possible to see.

Our Super six birding highlights on the Delta!

Greater Flamingos - the iconic bird of the Ebro Delta

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A flash of pink, highlighted by bright sunlight, it's one of the memorable bird watching sights that the Ebro Delta can offer throughout the year. A 'must see' for any birding enthusiast.

Range of Raptors - a great array of predators

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The Ebro Delta has a spectacular and varied range of raptors on offer. Eagles include Booted, Bonelli's, Short Toed and Golden. There's a massive population of Marsh Harriers, and also Kites and Hawks. We can also see Griffon & Egyptian Vultures in nearby Els Ports.

Herons, Bitterns and Egrets - a huge abundance and some rare varieties

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The wetland environments which are so abundant provide the ideal refuge for these types of birds. Some rare sightings such as Squacco Heron, Little Bittern and Black-crowned Night Heron can easily be achieved.

Magnificent Migrants - a colourful and exotic range to be seen

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A huge number of migratory species pass through the area in the Spring and Autumn seasons. There are some wonderful highlights to be seen, such as Bee-eaters, Golden Oriole, Roller and of course the majestic White Stork

Osprey fishing on the Ebro River - amazing viewings from boat

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Osprey are regularly spotted on their migratory route between Northern Europe and Africa and love to stop off in the Delta to refuel. They can regularly be witnessed fishing in the rich waters of the Ebro on our boat tours. Best times are Spring and Autumn.

Wader wonderland - a vast selection of flamboyant wading birds awaits

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Shallow bays and brackish lagoons provide the ideal habitat for a multitude of waders. We can see spectacular birds like Black-winged Stilt, Avocet and Collared pratincole along with dozens of other varieties.

when to visit?

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A common question; what's the best time of the year to see the greatest variety of birds?

The Ebro Delta offers outstanding bird watching all year round with many of the most spectacular birds being resident breeders here.

However, there are a great many species which are migratory and spend the summer in Europe whilst over wintering in Africa. Because we are on the migratory route that many of these species naturally follow, autumn and spring are great times to visit due to the different varieties of birds which can be seen passing through.

The winter months are also an excellent time to come because there are many species of birds (particularly ducks and waders) that come to the Ebro Delta to over winter in this perfect wetland refuge.

A comprehensive list of species which can be encountered

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