Ebro Delta Birding. Bird watching tours, Spain

If you are visiting the Ebro delta area and simply wish to take a day trip, then all of our tours are available on a full or half day basis (*excluding Els Ports, full day only). You can find details of the day trips we offer, along with prices, in the section below.

Why use a Guide?


The Ebro delta is a vast area and we have spent many hours observing the bird life on offer in the different sections of the Delta. This experience gives us an intimate knowledge of the region in all different seasons. As a result, we will be able to take you straight to the sites that will optimise your chances of seeing the most spectacular sights along with the possibility for rarities. This includes locations which are away from the well beaten 'tourist track', where many unique opportunities await. Our boat tour of the Ebro in particular will provide you with the opportunity to see some of the best birding areas of the delta, which are completely inaccessible by foot.


We have all the equipment necessary to get you great sightings and captures of the birds. Spotting scope and Tripod will accompany us on all our tours, and we will be photographing with a Canon EOS 80D coupled with a USM 100-400mm lens (along with x1.4 extender where required). We also carry a  bluetooth speaker to encourage difficult to see birds, such as warblers, out of dense reeds.


We can offer all itineraries on either a full day basis, or a more condensed half day itinerary. The amount of walking can be adjusted according to preference, perfect for more elderly visitors who do not wish to walk long distances.

Itinerary # 1 - Ebro delta northern side

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Morning - Lo Golero Filtre Verd & Badia del Fangar

This location offers a massive variety of possible sightings, because we have marshland on one side and a shallow coastal bay on the other. Badia del Fangar offers a huge variety of waders with Flamingos almost guaranteed. The Filtre Verd on the other side is brilliant for Herons, Bitterns and Ducks, with rarities like Purple Swamp-hen virtually guaranteed. Marsh Harriers can be seen hunting low over the reeds and provide great photo opportunities. Many warblers, buntings etc inhabit the reeds and also coastal gorse in these locations.

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Afternoon - Riumar & El Garxal

We will break off for lunch sometime after midday (why not sample a delicious bargain 'menu del dia' in Deltebre?) and head slowly down to Riumar through the rice fields where various birds such as Glossy Ibis and Great Egret are certain to be encountered. We will then spend some time at 'el Garxal'. This saline lagoon has some well constructed bird watching hides where we can observe Flamingos and a great variety of waterfowl and get some excellent photo opportunities.

Group size 1 - 4 people

PRICE €60 per person full day / €40 half day

*Single person supplement €30 full day / €20 half

Itinerary # 2 - ebro delta southern side

Greater Flamingo, Ebro delta birding, Bird watching holiday in Spain, birding in Spain

Morning - L'Alfacada (Isla de Buda), Punta de la Banya & La Tancada

The morning itinerary sees us take in great variety of sites with the emphasis initially on coastal birds and waders, before we switch to the prolific salt lagoons at La Tancada where we can get fantastic photos of Flamingos at close quarters. Many other spectacular waders will be sighted, such as Avocet and the fantastically elegant Black-winged Stilts.

Purple Gallinule, Ebro delta birding, bird watching in Spain, birding holiday Spain

Afternoon - L'Encanyissada & Filtre Verd

We will break off for lunch at Poble Nou and then resume the tour at L'Encanyissada and the adjoining 'green filter'. This is one of the most prolific sites around the Ebro Delta for a vast array of different species. We can see almost everything around here, spectacular raptors like Marsh Harrier and Osprey, Herons & Bitterns, waders of many varieties and also ducks, grebes and other waterfowl. A bird watching paradise!

Group size 1 to 4 people

PRICE €60 per person full day / €40 half day

*Single person supplement €30 full day / €20 half

itinerary # 3 - ebro river tour by boat

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Experience the Ebro Delta by boat! Access the inaccessible..

The best way to get excellent viewings of the riverside species is from the river by boat. We can offer this from our superb 18ft Carolina Skiff which offers great stability and performance. Using a silent electric motor we can slowly drift close to the river margins for excellent sightings and photographic opportunities of the various herons, bitterns & egrets, along with amazing views of raptors soaring overhead. Other species which love the riverbank include Bee-eaters, Turtle Dove and of course the much loved Kingfisher!

Osprey hunting on the river Ebro at Amposta. Ebro delta birding, bird watching holidays in Spain


We recommend the river tour to begin early afternoon and we will launch the boat at the public slipway in Amposta. We will make a slow journey all the way down river and take a close look at the Illa de Buda reserve. Many rare varieties of Heron and Bittern will be observed, such as Purple Heron, Squacco Heron, Little Bittern and Night Heron. On our way back we will stop at a Riverside Cafe for a refreshment, and then take in the nightly Egret roost at dusk on Illa de Sapinya, where hundreds of Egrets return to roost creating an impressive spectacle. At certain times of the year (Spring & Autumn) there will be a very high chance of seeing Osprey on this tour.

Group size 1-4 people

Life jackets included

PRICE €75 per person full day / €50 half day

*Single person supplement €30 full day / €20 half

itinerary # 4 - els ports natural park

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A journey into the Mountains

For this excursion we will leave the low lying Delta and journey around an hour inland to the Els Ports Natural Park. Els Ports is a limestone mountain range which rises well over 1000 metres and offers some spectacular and rugged mountain vistas. We will start the day with a visit to Mas de Bunyol where we will view an amazing spectacle as masses of wild Griffon Vultures, along with some Egyptian Vultures (spring - autumn), descend for their daily feeding!

Booted Eagles at Isla de Buda, Ebro delta birding, bird watching holidays in Spain

Focus on Raptors

After viewing the vultures we will make a slow return to the Delta keeping an eye out for a wide variety of raptors which can be seen overhead. We have a great chance to see rare varieties such as Bonelli's Eagle, Booted Eagle and Short-toed Eagle, along with Kites and Buzzards. We will return via the Serres de Cardo-el Boix mountains which affords us a magnificent view over the Delta, and where we are sure to see a host of birds such as Hoopoe & Bee-eaters.

Group size 1 to 4 people

Entry into Mas de Bunyol Vulture observatory included

PRICE €75 per person. This tour is only available on a full day basis.

*Single person supplement €30