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Ebro Delta Birding is a family run business led by Al Henderson, providing private multi-day guided bird watching tours and also private birding day trips of the Ebro delta and surrounding area. 

Al, originally from Ilkley in the UK, has been an avid bird watching fanatic since childhood and has been living in the Ebro Delta region since 2000. In this time many hours have been spent observing the birds of the region and learning where to find even the most elusive of them at different times of the year. In early 2018, Ebro Delta Birding was founded with the intention of passing on this local knowledge and expertise to fellow birders of all levels of knowledge and experience.

We offer a range of guided bird watching options to suit our clients needs. If you are looking for a complete multi-day bird watching holiday we have itineraries of different durations to suit  your requirements, fully inclusive of accommodation at our private villa and airport transfers. Our longer tours also visit great bird watching sites nearby, with trips to some of Catalonia's other outstanding habitats of mountains and Steppe lands.

Alternatively we are also able to cater for customers who may be  in the area and looking  for just a single day birding trip, or people staying in Barcelona who wish to experience the magic of the Ebro delta on a day tour.

Our tours are provided with a personalised touch, and all the excursions that we offer are run solely by Al. Our mission at Ebro Delta Birding is to provide memorable bird watching experiences for clients of all knowledge levels at affordable prices.

Al Henderson leading a guided bird watching tour on the Ebro Delta.

Al Henderson leading a guided bird watching tour on the Ebro Delta.

Expertly guided packages & day tours of the ebro delta!

The Ebro Delta viewed from space

The Ebro Delta - What is it & where is it?

The Ebro Delta is one of the most famous river deltas in Europe and is situated in North Eastern Spain on the Mediterranean coastline, approximately midway between the cities of Barcelona and Valencia.

 It is primarily a wetland location containing 320 square kilometres of Natural Park with a wide variety of aquatic environments. Different habitats include river, lagoons, sand dunes, salt marshes, beaches, woodland and agricultural zones. These diverse locations provide micro habitats for a huge abundance and variety of birdlife, and it is a key breeding site for many rare species of birds.

Great White Egret captures a mullet, seen on a bird watching tour of the Ebro Delta.

A mecca for bird watching fanatics...

The most recent survey carried out by the Natural Park research team has revealed over 300 different species of birds that are either resident or migratory to the Ebro Delta

Around the coastline we have a wonderful selection of gulls and terns, including around 80% of the world's population of Audouin's Gull. Shallow bays provide a perfect feeding ground for a plethora of waders such as Black-winged Stilt and Avocet. The marshlands are alive with birds ranging from tiny warblers through to mighty herons. Raptors soar over the delta in search of prey and we can see many spectacular varieties. With superb accessibility to all the key sites available throughout the year, it's no wonder that it is considered Spain's number 1 birding hotspot, and amongst the foremost destinations in Europe.


Enjoy the Delta at your own pace...

We aim to provide maximum flexibility with our guided bird watching options, and are happy to cater for bird watchers of all experience levels. We provide fully guided private multi day itineraries which include airport transfer service along with private villa accommodation for people who are looking for a complete birding holiday.

 Alternatively we can provide any of our guided bird watching tours of the area on a day trip basis for visitors to the area. We can also cater for birding day tours for people visiting Barcelona or Valencia. All of our tours can be adapted to suit the needs of our clients, and as such are very well suited to elderly visitors who are not capable of long, strenuous walks.

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