Bird watching in Spain, guided birding tours of the Ebro delta

In this section you can check out testimonials from birding clients who have kindly contributed their thoughts on our bird watching tours of the Ebro delta.

Ebro delta birding - client reviews

Caroline Mortlock from Sweden, January 2019

Bluethroat, Ebro delta birding, bird watching Spain, birding in Spain, bird watching tours

Two exhilarating days, criss-crossing among paddy fields, lagoons, drainage channels and sand dunes, all in sharp winter sunshine. Al knows where residents and winter guests are likely to be found, is quick to point them out and share his knowledge. We were delighted to view so many individuals and snap some great photos despite the gusting winds. To mention but a few: low-flying booted eagles being blown almost backwards; squawking night herons battened down in the reeds; dainty bluethroats picking in the ditches; vibrantly-coloured purple gallinule; an unexpected osprey, catch dangling; and to cap it all the Dartford warbler clinging to a fishing net! A great experience and good-value overnight stay in the roomy guest-house.

George Bryce from UK, Dec 2017, May & Sept 2018

Collared Pratincole, Ebro delta birding, birding in Spain, bird watching destinations in Europe

 Dec, May, September. All the usual specials, flamingos, swamp hens, crested pochards.. The winter migrants in December, summer ones in May including roller, Orioles, and pratincoles, loads of raptor in autumn with great osprey viewing from the boat which allows closer approach. Nice accommodation, a friendly guide with great knowledge of the birds and the Delta. Excellent value and experience.

Jay & Teya Penniman from Hawaii, Dec 2018

Booted Eagle, Ebro delta birding, bird watching in Spain, birding tours of the Ebro delta

 Al knew right where to take us for great viewing of the birds of the Ebro River Delta. We visited in the winter and though species diversity was not high he still took us to where we would see many quality birds we would never have found on our own. The purple gallinule, king fisher, booted eagle and spotted red-shanks are delightful memories. Lodging in the villa, breakfast of local favorite foods, meeting the Henderson family and scheduling travel to town for a meal all contributed to a perfect visit to the Ebro River Delta. 

Dai & Juliet Davies from UK, August 2018

Osprey, birding in Spain, bird watching tours in Spain, bird watching destinations

 An excellent afternoon. Al picked us up at out hotel and dropped us back afterwards as we had no car. We saw great birds with fabulous views of an osprey with a huge fish. Al was excellent at spotting the birds as they flew by as well as identifying calls. It was a very relaxing and absorbing afternoon of bird watching. Would do it again any time. 

April Elizabeth Elliott from UK, June 2018

Bird watching holiday Spain, birding in Spain, bird watching on the Ebro delta, birding tours

A memorable day out with an extremely knowledgeable guide. Al made myself and my fellow guests feel safe on his boat and kept us amused with his company whilst seeking out some fascinating birdlife.

Felix Brader from Austria, in August 2018

Night Heron, birding destinations in Europe, best bird watching, Ebro delta bird watching

 Amazing guide; we had a great time photographing birds on a boat trip up the Ebro; lucky, he had time for me so spontaniously, because i was only there for one day. I am so looking forward to my next trip to the delta in april.